Building a Divorce Specialty Services Niche---Outside of Court and Managed Care

CE Credit: 2

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Length: 110 minutes

Session offered by Division 42.  

Over the past 10 years, roles for mental health professionals in the arena of divorce have evolved and become more specific and nuanced. Practitioners with a strong base in understanding family systems, child development, crisis management, grief and loss, conflict resolution and mediation are leading the field in creating practice models that deliver effective services to families in need.

In this workshop, we will teach clinicians about the roles available for psychologists, in order to help them better consider options for reconfiguring their practices. Participants will learn about each role and how it is differentiated from the others, what skills need to be developed, how to go about training to undertake this work, and about the unique and subtle ethical issues pertinent to this work.

The specialized roles that will be presented are as follows: 1. Cooperative co-parenting species 2. Parenting plan media 3. Collaborative divorceseci4aliist; 4. Parenting coordinator; 5. Family specialist consul

One fact pattern will be used throughout this workshop to better distinguish the differences among the various roles. Examples of the psychologist’s behavior in each role will be discussed.

This workshop is appropriate for psychologists in both independent and institutionally based practices and for those interested in using innovative approaches to helping families of divorce, outside of managed care and without having to testify in court. These services are used with families who are culturally diverse across many different dimensions.

In short, this workshop will give the participants an opportunity to learn in depth about options for reconfiguring their practices. It will address the need for additional training, deal with a myriad of ethical challenges, and help the participants plan their next steps for building such a practice to compliment the services they already provide in this challenging time.

Learning Objective 1
Compare different divorce specialty practice opportunities.

Learning Objective 2
Describe some of the unique ethical challenges inherent in working with families of divorce.

Presenters: Jeffrey Zimmerman, PhD; Lauren Behrman, PhD

Supplementary Materials

  • Building a Divorce Specialty Services Niche