Clinical Practice in America Today

CE Credit: 2

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Length: 110 minutes

With a series of brief presentations, we will broadly address several important practice issues, including: (1) the state of practice in America today; (2) new and emerging special developments in the field; (3) healthcare reform, parity, and our place in the changing legislative landscape; (4) the APA Practice Directorate response to the evolving field; and (5) members’ common concerns and priorities, as reflected in a practitioner survey.

The state of practice talk will describe therapy and assessment over the past 40 years, outcome research, major changes in licensure, the rapid expansion of the field, and changes in funding for services. Other talks will briefly explain transitions within psychology such as the move toward accountability and evidence-based practice, integrated care, prescription privileges, the development of treatment guidelines, the scope of practice, and the doctoral level requirement. APA’s Practice Directorate has supported doctoral level psychologists through public education, legal support, government relations, and the establishment of a practice advocacy arm. Through the planned practitioner survey, we will convey common concerns and important priorities identified by our members. At the culmination of these presentations, participants will have an understanding of how we have arrived at our current status of practice and the support that is available to them. The remaining portion of this presentation will be a town-hall type discussion with audience participation.

Learning Objective 1
Recognize the key issues related to the evolution of doctoral level practice in psychology and identify at least two of the main issues that are relevant for their specific area of practice.

Learning Objective 2
Discuss the current issues impacting the practice of psychology, and their effect on the public’s access to quality treatment and identify at least 2 of the main issues that limit access to their practice.

Learning Objective 3
Discuss how APA supports practice through legislative, educational, and other activities and identify at least two of these methods of relevance to their state and the nation.

Presenters: Thomas J. DeMaio, PhD (Chair); Sanford M. Portnoy, PhD; Monica Kurylo, PhD; Peter L. Sheras, PhD; Katherine C. Nordal, PhD; Pauline Wallin, PhD

Supplementary Materials

  • Clinical Practice Presentation