Co-Occurring Mental Health Concerns in the Transgender Community

CE Credit: 1

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Length: 50 minutes

Session offered by Division 44.

Transgender people face a number of obstacles in life including negotiating the mental health care system, civil rights protection, and access to medical care. The presence of co-occurring mental health concerns can complicate these issues in ways that have significant negative effects on a person’s well-being and resilience. This symposium will explore several co-occurring mental health concerns including implications for practice in work with the transgender community. This is not a transgender overview, and authors will assume a certain basic knowledge of transgender concerns from among the participants.

The first presenter will examine intersection of transgender identity and mental illness. This presenter will focus primarily on serious mental illness and the ways that gender identity is addressed. The second presenter will discuss reports in the literature of Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Transgender Community and vice versa. The third presenter will report the results of a recent research project that examines the effects of hormone therapy in the female-to-male population and the presence of depression, anxiety, and stress pre- and post-treatment. The final presenter will examine the protective factors that exist in the transgender community for suicidal ideation and behavior.

Co-occurring mental health concerns can be used by mental health providers as a barrier to moving forward with the transition process. This session will provide participants with a greater understanding of how to view these disorders and also support trans individuals.

Learning Objective 1
Comprehend the types of co-occurring mental health concerns that transgender people may be faced with.

Learning Objective 2
Explain the implications for practitioners in working with the transgender population.

Presenters: Michael Hendricks, PhD (Chair); Lauren Mizock, PhD; Randall D. Ehrbar, PsyD; Stacey L.C. Meier, MA; Chérie Moody, BA

Supplementary Materials

  • Co-occurring Mental Health Concerns