Effective Evidence-Based Coaching for Enhanced Engagement in a Virtual Workplace

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Length: 50 minutes

Session offered by Division 13.

Virtual education is becoming one of the most effective forms of instructional delivery for adults as the demand for on-line programs continues to grow. However, as many as 50% of students fail to complete their on-line courses, which is more than 20% higher than traditional courses (Carr, 2000; Lorenzetti, 2003).These findings emphasize the need to develop strategies to address learner engagement and retention. The challenge becomes how to coach faculty to effectively address these issues.

Positive psychology and more specifically, emotional intelligence has emerged as a key element in examining outcomes of academic achievement and employee success. Research indicates that through the development of emotional intelligence, faculty and students form relationships that are fluid, thus creating a positive emotional climate. Evidence-based coaching to enhance emotional intelligence competencies can provide faculty with the skills and insight to engage students more effectively with positive academic outcomes.

Using a positive psychology framework, this presentation will explore the powerful correlation between emotional intelligence, evidenced-based coaching and student engagement. Specific coaching attributes, competencies, skills and strategies will be identified, evaluated, and applied in order to gain effective tools for enhancing faculty emotional intelligence which in turn can accelerate student engagement, learning, and performance in virtual education.

Learning Objective 1
Develop skills to coach faculty in virtual learning settings.

Learning Objective 2
Apply the keys to making stronger connections and effective engagement with others.

Learning Objective 3
Recognize and facilitate the powerful correlation between emotional intelligence, evidenced-based coaching and student engagement.

Presenters: Nancy Bostain, PhD; Lori K. LaCivita, PhD (Chair)

Supplementary Materials

  • APA Presentation-Lacivita-Bostain
  • Instructors Beliefs Inventory
  • Instructors Beliefs Inventory
  • Instructors Classroom Practices
  • Instructors Classroom Practices

1 User Review

"Thank you so much for the presentation, I appreciate it! We seem to be moving into a Distance Education environment, for all forms of education. This seminar will assist me greatly with implementing practices that will better engage my students, as well as build retention. Thank you again! "
— Romona B.