Hypnosis for the Treatment of Depression

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Length: 50 minutes

Session offered by Division 30.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” treatment for major depressive disorder (MDD) as the condition represents a complex set of heterogeneous symptoms, involving multiple etiologies. It is thus important for therapists to promote a multimodal approach to treating MDD. This Symposium focuses on Cognitive Hypnotherapy (CH), an evidence-based multimodal treatment for MDD, which can be applied to a wide range of patients with depression. CH integrates hypnosis with cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) as the latter provides an effective host theory for the assimilation of empirically supported treatment techniques derived from various theoretical models of psychotherapy. CH fits criteria for assimilative model of psychotherapy, which is considered to be an efficacious model of psychotherapy integration. The Symposium will offer three presentations from three noted experts in the management of MDD with combined hypnosis and CBT. Each paper will (1) discuss the rationale for combining specific CBT techniques with hypnotherapy in the management of depression, (2) describe a specific integrated treatment protocol, and (3) provide empirical evidence, or propose a research design if empirical evidence is lacking, for each integrated treatment described. The first paper by Dr. Alladin will discuss the theoretical and empirical rationale for combining CBT with hypnosis in the management of MDD and describe the major components of CH. The second paper by Dr. Yapko will review the effectiveness of behavioral activation in the management of MDD and then describe a treatment protocol that utilizes hypnosis to catalyze behavioral activation in depressed clients. The last paper by Dr. Lynn and colleagues will demonstrate how a variety of mindfulness and attention-based techniques can be incorporated with hypnosis to improve psychotherapeutic outcomes with depressives.

Learning Objective 1
Explain the rationale for using hypnosis in the management of depression.

Learning Objective 2
Demonstrate knowledge on to integrate hypnosis with CBT, mindfulness, and behavioral activation to enhance outcome of the treatment of depression.

Presenters: Aessen Alladin, PhD; Michael D. Yapko, PhD; Steven J. Lynn, PhD

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