Implementation of Social Justice Organizational Initiatives---Current and Future Strategies for Long-Term Change in Counseling and Psychology

CE Credit: 1

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Length: 50 minutes

Session offered by Division 17.

This symposium shares the contributions of a professional counseling organization “Counselors for Social Justice” (CSJ) in changing counseling psychology by focusing on methods to operationalize the prevention of psychological problems by confronting the issue of societal abuse, rejection, and exclusion. Given the conference theme, it is appropriate that counseling psychologists who have served in leadership positions from inception of this professional organization share their work in the movement toward social justice initiatives in counseling and psychology that have influenced, research, training, and practice.

CSJ is an organization that is committed to promoting social justice and advocacy within counseling and psychology. The mission of CSJ is to work to promote social justice in our society through confronting oppressive systems of power and privilege that affect professional counselors, psychologists and the clients they serve. This is accomplished by promoting positive change in society and through professional development and education initiatives, community action projects, and advocacy efforts within the profession. The current president of CSJ will address the broad social and psychological implications of the initiatives that are being implemented during her presidency. She will also address how these initiatives are linked with calls for action by counseling psychology and psychology. The immediate past president, will share how social justice initiatives can help psychology in expanding its role as a mental health organization. He will also share the efforts for community action, and other initiatives that are improving lives as a result of the work of CSJ. One fellow will present on the role of advocacy competencies in improving research, practice, and training in counseling and psychology. One past president will share her efforts as the leader of a task force to create ethical standards for CSJ, and one Fellow of SCP will present her research on the role of advocacy and its implications for counseling psychology.

Learning Objective 1
Recognize how social justice and advocacy can help psychology and specifically counseling psychology to create organizational change and help eliminate societal emotional abuse, rejection and exclusion.

Learning Objective 2
Identify steps to evaluate research, practice, training and education initiatives as responding to social justice and advocacy imperatives in psychology.

Learning Objective 3
Demonstrate knowledge of ethical issues specific to social justice and advocacy issues in psychology and counseling.

Presenters: Judy Daniels, EdD; Rebecca L. Toporek, PhD; Michael D'Andrea, EdD; Farah A. Ibrahim, PhD

Supplementary Materials

  • Counselors for Social Justice