Adapting the Therapy Relationship to the Individual Patient: Evidence-Based Responsiveness

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CE Credit: 4

Length: 240 minutes

2011 Recording.

Psychotherapy will maximize its effectiveness by targeting the most powerful sources of change: the therapeutic relationship and the patient him/herself. This INTERMEDIATE clinical workshop will provide integrative methods for adapting or tailoring therapy relationships to individual patients. Participants will learn to reliably assess and rapidly apply more than four evidence-based guidelines for constructing the “relationship of choice.” In this way, research and practice converge on relational responsiveness that demonstrably improves treatment outcomes.

Learning Objective 1
Determine a client’s treatment and relationship preferences in ways that improve outcomes

Learning Objective 2
Secure real-time client feedback in sessions regarding therapy progress and relationship satisfaction

Learning Objective 3
Assess reliably a client’s stage of change within one minute and tailor treatment to that stage

Learning Objective 4
Avoid use of discredited relational behaviors that contribute to treatment failure

Presenters: John C. Norcross, PhD, University of Scranton, Scranton, PA

Supplementary Materials

  • Workshop Norcross
  • Evidence-based Therapy Rels