Positive Psychotherapy: A Strengths-Based Approach

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CE Credit: 4

Length: 240 minutes

2011 Recording.

Positive psychotherapy is the positive psychology movement’s therapeutic extension to broaden the scope of traditional psychotherapy. Its primary premise is that building positive emotions, strengths, and meaning, in addition to undoing symptoms, is efficacious in treating psychopathology. This INTERMEDIATE workshop demonstrates how positive emotions, strengths, and meaning serve us best not when life is easy but when life is difficult. For a depressed client, having and using strengths such as optimism, hope, zest, social intelligence become more urgent then in good times.

Learning Objective 1
Explain theoretical foundations of a strength-based positive psychotherapy.

Learning Objective 2
Demonstrate that accentuating positive emotions, character strengths and meaning is empirically linked with therapeutic effectiveness

Learning Objective 3
Apply strategies of identifying and using strengths, in conjunction with management of symptoms

Learning Objective 4
Discuss nuanced therapeutic process which incorporates strengths without dismissing negative attributes and cultural factors

Presenters: Tayyab Rashid, PhD, Values in Action Institute, Cincinnati, OH

Supplementary Materials

  • APA 2011-Handout-final
  • APA-CE 153-Pos Psych tx-Rashid-Aug 6