Consulting in Education--- Considerations for Training and Practice

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CE Credit: 2

Length: 110 minutes

Session offered by Division 13. Schools and universities have a significant influence on the successful development of children, adolescents, and young adults. Organizational consultation is a useful and innovative modality for enhancing their effectiveness and efficiency in achieving this. This symposium seeks to enhance the participants'' understanding of the application of this modality of providing assistance to individuals, teams, and whole organizations in schools and universities. The symposium will feature four diverse organizational consultation based interventions in a range of educational contexts. The first presentation will focus on the use of organizational teams in K-12 settings. The second session focuses on training/building individual competencies in consultation in K-12 settings. The third presentation will focus on peer coaching in higher education settings. The fourth presentation focuses on academic and/or behavioral consultation within K-12 educational settings. The Discussant will highlight commonalities of these three approaches using the framework for consultation developed by Daugherty (2010) and by organizational consultation as viewed by Schein (1998). In specific, the Discussant will provide an analysis of the four projects based on comparisons of the nine common elements of consultation, the six roles of the consultant, and the four phases of the consultation process.

Learning Objective 1
Articulate four different organizational consultation approaches that have been employed to assist educational institutions and the students they serve.

Learning Objective 2
Identify seven common elements, six possible consultation roles, and four typical consultation stages of organizational consultation as employed in school and university contexts.

Learning Objective 3

Stewart E. Cooper, PhD; Sylvia Rosenfield, PhD; Markeda L. Newell, PhD; Carolyn Humphrey, PhD; Christina Grabarek, PhD

Supplementary Materials

  • Humphrey APA 2012 Presentation PDF
  • Newell APA Symposium Presentation 2012 PDF
  • Reference APA 2012
  • Rosenfield & Gravois APA 2012--Making it Work