Invited Address: Plenary─Antonette M. Zeiss, PhD, Psychological Services for Veterans: Integral to Interdisciplinary VA Health

CE Credit: 1

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Length: 50 minutes

The VA provides health care to over 6 million veterans. Almost 2 million receive care for mental health and other health problems. This session reviews VA''s comprehensive health and mental health care, with emphasis on the roles psychologists play as members of interdisciplinary teams.

Learning Objective 1
Define key roles for psychologists in their roles as members of interdisciplinary health care teams, serving general health and mental health needs.

Learning Objective 2
Describe the transformation of VA health care since 2006, including integration of mental health in primary care and utilization of evidence based therapies defined by clinical practice guidelines developed by interdisciplinary experts jointly for VA and the Department of Defense.

Learning Objective 3

Heather G. Belanger, PhD; Antonette M. Zeiss, PhD

Supplementary Materials

  • Psychological Services for Veterans PDF