Therapy With Stepfamilies--- An Integration of Research Into Clinical Practice

CE Credit: 1

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Length: 50 minutes

Session offered by Division 43. This symposium brings together three experts in the field who study and treat stepfamilies. Drs. James Bray, Kay Pasley and Scott Browning have each been involved in the articulation of stepfamily concerns for over twenty years. There is a vast body of research that establishes that the stepfamily represent a population unique from the first-marriage family population. Due to the fact that the dynamics of these two populations of families are not the same, the therapy to be offered them is also best conceptualized as shaped to match the family or stepfamily in treatment. There are numerous areas of study that constitute the scholarship on stepfamilies, however, this symposium will concentrate on three facets of the field to discuss the research findings and how they relate to clinical practice. Drs. Bray and Pasley will focus on remarriage preparation, parenting issues in stepfamilies, and the developmental process of “becoming” a stepfamily. An overview of stepfamily formation, in particular the growing number of cohabiting stepfamilies, will be discussed. The demographics and effects of multiple transitions will inform the attendees of the importance in understanding the current view of stepfamilies. Of particular focus will be findings from the Developmental Issues in Stepfamilies Research Project. This source will highlight the concerns of how family and family development intersect. The therapeutic implications of the research, as more fully described in the recent book from APA Books (Stepfamily therapy: A 10-step clinical approach) will be examined as well. Due to the unique nature of stepfamily issues and dynamics, treatment issues must evolve to encompass the complexity inherent in these families. A description of this move will be included. This symposium will combine current research findings and relevant clinical implications in reference to this critical population, stepfamilies.

Learning Objective 1
Incorporate research into my clinical practice with stepfamilies.

Learning Objective 2
Formulate clinical interventions that are developmentally appropriate.

Learning Objective 3

Kay Pasley, EdD; James H. Bray, PhD; Scott W. Browning, PhD

Supplementary Materials

  • Therapy with Stepfamilies - An Integration
  • Annotated Bibliography