Demonstration Workshop for a Novel, Manualized, Intensive Outpatient Program for Children and Parents

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CE Credit: 2

Length: 110 minutes

Session offered by Division 12. The proposed workshop will demonstrate sample, group format, parent training sessions from a novel, modular, manualized, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). The program was evolved at Children’s Hospital Colorado, in January 2006, in response to a need for a program for youth “stepping down” from higher levels of care or who had failed to respond adequately to routine outpatient care. There was a need for a program that could simultaneously increase parental effectiveness, and bolster psychosocial skills in youth, thereby reducing symptoms and improving functioning. The IOP was additionally designed to expand and optimize timely access to care, as well as demonstrate cost effectiveness and fiscal sustainability, based on collections from managed care insurance. The target population presented with a broad array of primary psychiatric diagnoses, but nearly all of the youth served in the child arm of IOP were aged 8-12 years old, manifesting primarily with a constellation of disruptive behaviors, along with comorbid mood and anxiety symptoms, in the majority of cases. The workshop will additionally review the theoretical tenets used to evolve the IOP manuals, along with outcome data demonstrating clinical efficacy. Outcome data indicated that IOP was associated with a significant reduction in problems (p

Learning Objective 1
Describe and follow a model of a pediatric intensive outpatient program that optimizes access to care, serves a broad, treatment refractory, pediatric patient population, and is cost effective, and evidence based.

Learning Objective 2
Critique and follow a model for providing training to families on affect regulation, empathic communication, problem-solving, and behavior management.

Learning Objective 3

Mary N. Cook, MD; Jason Williams, PsyD

Supplementary Materials

  • 2012 APA ppt
  • References