Psychologist and Parent---Seeking a Healthy Balance

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CE Credit: 1

Length: 50 minutes

Session offered by the APA Committee on Early Career Psychologists. The roles of parent and psychologist are two of the most important many of us will play in our lives. Many psychologists have young children at a time when they are trying to establish themselves professionally. Finding a healthy balance can be difficult, and many working parents report feeling stressed while navigating the sometimes competing demands of work and children. At the same time, combining these roles effectively can improve overall well-being, and the benefits derived from success in one role can enhance the other. The first part of this session will consist of an overview of the research on working parents, highlighting predictors of healthy outcomes for families. This will include factors such as childcare, work hours and structure, increased income, and workplace stress. A legal expert will then present laws, regulations, and work policies that protect working parents. Issues pertaining to pregnancy, maternity/paternity leave, breastfeeding in the workplace, absences for caregiving responsibilities, and discrimination will be addressed. Finally, an Early Career Psychologist and parent of two young children will present a number of practical strategies, derived from the research presented in the first part of the session and also from an informal survey of psychologists with young children.

Learning Objective 1
Discuss updated research on working parents and child outcomes, practical tips for balancing the two roles and laws and regulations protecting working parents.

Learning Objective 2

Learning Objective 3

Sarah M. Honaker, PhD

Supplementary Materials

  • Hyde-Parent and Psychologist Part 1
  • Benjamin-Parent and Psychologist - Part 2
  • Clark-Parent and Psychologist Part 3
  • Hyde.Work Balance.ptx
  • Benjamin-Working parents & the law_apa
  • Clark-Work-life balance