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Providing Mental Health Care In and After Combat: Challenges, Rewards, Risks and Growth

CE Credit: 4

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Length: 240 minutes

This INTRODUCTORY workshop aims to provide in-depth, experientially focused insight for (a) current and former uniformed psychologists who have deployed alongside their patients into combat situations, and (b) psychologists who currently treat our country’s combat veterans. Through storytelling, the objective of the workshop is to provide both military and civilian psychologists the opportunity to grow as clinicians through understanding the experience of combat through the eyes of their peers.

Learning Objective 1
Comprehend the unique mental health needs of persons who have served in combat.

Learning Objective 2
Appreciate the unique ethical and professional quandaries that arise for psychologists in deployed settings.

Learning Objective 3
Apply the concepts of compassion fatigue and shared trauma among providers in deployed settings.

Learning Objective 4
Consider strategies for re-framing difficult experiences in terms of posttrauma growth and development.

Learning Objective 5

Learning Objective 6

Learning Objective 7

Heidi S. Kraft, PhD, United States Navy San Diego, CA

Supplementary Materials

  • Providing Mental Health Care In and After Combat
  • Providing Mental Health Care In and After Combat