Reviewing and Selecting Tests and Assessments Based on Quality and Alignment

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CE Credit: 4

Length: 240 minutes

This INTERMEDIATE workshop engages participants in considering, discussing, and applying how to determine if tests or assessments used for research or practice have sufficient psychometric quality and align with intended use. Resources, processes, criteria, and considerations for identifying, evaluating, and selecting appropriate tests or assessments are addressed. Workshop content is informed by the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (AERA, APA, & NCME) and 70 plus years of experience publishing test reviews by Buros Center for Testing.

Learning Objective 1
Identify steps for evaluating a test or assessment for an intended purpose: clarifying purpose, considering local context, studying professional reviews, reviewing test material, summarizing strengths and weaknesses, and stating conclusions and support for those conclusions.

Learning Objective 2
Apply information from Buros publications and other available resources to evaluate a test or assessment''s technical strengths and weaknesses.

Learning Objective 3
Describe criteria and considerations for evaluating a test or assessment manual like a Buros reviewer, considering the test description, development, and technical quality.

Learning Objective 4
List and define key psychometric terms and concepts important to understand when conducting a full and appropriate evaluation of a test or assessment.

Kurt F. Geisinger, PhD, Janet F. Carlson, PhD and Jessica L. Jonson, PhD, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Lincoln, NE

Supplementary Materials

  • Reviewing and Selecting Tests and Assessments
  • Case Study - SAQ - Handout
  • Documenting a Test Review - Handout
  • Johnson APA CE BUROS Presentation