When Pornography is an Issue: Innovative Approaches to Couples Counseling & Psychotherapy

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CE Credit: 3

Length: 3 hours

Most therapy criticizes porn use while legitimizing the grievances of the porn consumer’s partner. As patients struggle around issues of privacy, trust, fidelity, and autonomy, remaining non-judgmental can be difficult.

This workshop focuses on treating intrapsychic conflicts and power struggles over porn use. We’ll explore how conflict about pornography is often used to avoid confronting a sexual relationship’s deficits; how one or both partners may be acting out body image issues; and why “porn addiction” is not a helpful concept. Original webcast date: Oct. 24, 2013. 

Learning Objective 1
Eamine common assumptions of therapists about porn and its use.

Learning Objective 2
Explain how to support both partners when a couple is in conflict about porn use.

Learning Objective 3
Explain how to help couples discuss the deficits in their relationship that they’re avoiding via conflict about porn.

Presenter: Marty Klein, PhD

Dr. Marty Klein has been a Licensed MFT and Certified Sex Therapist for 33 years. The author of 7 books about sexuality, he has given over 700 training programs, keynote speeches, and seminars to professionals in across the U.S. and in 30 countries. A former adjunct instructor at Stanford Medical School, his website is www.SexEd.org.

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