Ethical Thinking—Beyond Compliance to Wisdom: A Conversation with Dr. Richard Kilburg

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CE Credit: 1

Length: 45 minutes

Exam Items: N/A

This video project is comprised of four conversations with psychologists who are expert psychologist-managers (Dr. Dale Thompson, Dr. Beth Mitchell, Dr. Richard Killburg, and Dr. John Martello). Dr. Richard Ponton and Dr. Marlene Thorn facilitate the discussions and focus particularly on the ethical considerations of psychologists who are in leadership positions. This program is in collaboration with the Society of Psychologists in Management. 

Based on the model of executive wisdom outlined in his 2006 book, Dr. Kilburg discusses the fundamental processes by which ethical decisions are made and ethical behavior chosen. Through examples relevant to psychologists-managers, the conversation demonstrates that a clinically based Code of Ethics is not sufficient for psychologists in management and provides strategies for enhancing executive wisdom in ethical decision-making.

Learning Objective 1
Describe the relationship of the five virtues outlined in the virtuous leader model to personal and organizational ethical decision making.

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