Basics in Psychopharmacology

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CE Credit: 3

Length: 3 hours

This program was originally webcast on March 30, 2012, and is now available on-demand.

This workshop will assist the psychologist in becoming more familiar with basic concepts in psychopharmacology. While psychologists may be familiar with names of medications used in treating psychopathology, how they work and the method of actions may not be so familiar. Very often clinicians see patients who are on psychotropic medications and may often see these patients more frequently than primary care physicians. Psychologists are often in a position to recognize some of the desirable and undesirable effects of these medications and should be better prepared to consult with primary care physicians regarding psychotropic medications. This workshop is geared to providing clinicians a foundation with which to better understand psychopharmacology.

Learning Objective 1
Discuss the benefits of psychologists being familiar with psychopharmacology.

Learning Objective 2
List routes of administration of medications and some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Learning Objective 3
Describe the concept of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics.

Presenter: Glenn Ally, PhD

Dr. Glenn Ally is a Medical Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist who has a master’s degree in psychopharmacology and who has had prescriptive authority in Louisiana for more than six years. Dr. Ally is on medical staff at a large general hospital, a free-standing physical medicine and rehabilitation hospital, and two long-term acute care facilities. In addition, he provides services at the regional community mental health center and maintains a private practice in Lafayette, Louisiana. He is Past-President of Division 55 and has been very involved in advocacy for prescriptive authority for appropriately trained psychologists.

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  • Basics in Psychopharmacology

2 User Reviews

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