Understanding Trauma and Stress Disorders – Live-webcast, January 19, 2018, 1-4 pm ET

CE Credit: 3

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Length: 3 hours

If purchasing the video on-demand program, please note that the program and quiz will be available 3 weeks after the live webcast. 

Trauma and Stress Disorders have gained diagnostic ascendency in the DSM-5, distinguishing themselves from the categories of Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, and Dissociative Disorders. This workshop addresses the distinguishing features of the Trauma and Stress Disorders, and recent developments in relation to their conceptualization, diagnosis, and treatment, including the new APA Treatment Guidelines for PTSD.

Learning Objective 1
Identify at least two recent diagnostic revisions in PTSD

Learning Objective 2
List at least 5 evidence-based treatments for PTSD according to the APA Treatment Guidelines

Learning Objective 3
Discuss the basis for breaking the Trauma and Stress Disorders out of the larger category of Anxiety Disorders

Presenter: Greg Neimeyer, PhD

Greg Neimeyer Dr. Neimeyer is professor emeritus of psychology in the department of psychology at the University of Florida. A fellow of the American Psychological Association (Div. 17), he is also a recipient of its award for outstanding research in career and personality psychology. A previous chair of the executive board of the council of counseling psychology training programs in the United States, Dr. Neimeyer has also been inducted as a lifetime member into the Academy of Distinguished Teacher Scholars. He currently serves as the Director of the Office of Continuing Education in Psychology and the Center for Learning and Career Development at the American Psychological Association in Washington, D.C