Contemporary Issues in Forensic Neuropsychology

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CE Credit: 3

Length: 3 hours

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This program was originally webcast live on November 4, 2011, and is now available as on demand.

Forensic neuropsychology is a rapidly developing field with increasing demand for the delivery of services. This workshop addresses critical issues in contemporary practice such as the admissibility of test data, the impact of third-party observes and response, the use of malingering instruments, and critical tips for testifying in court.  How to identify practice opportunities and to cultivate vital referral sources are covered, as well, in a workshop that is dedicated to outlining best practices in forensic neuropsychology.

Learning Objective 1
Identify factors that bear on the admissibility of test data.

Learning Objective 2
Discuss issues of malingering and how to assess for it.

Learning Objective 3 
Identify at least three tips for testifying effectively.

Presenter: Michael J. Herkov, PhD, ABPP

Michael Herkov, PhD is an Associate Professor in the University of Florida College of Medicine Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Herkov recieved his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Auburn University and completed an internship at Eastern Virginia Medical Center. His Postdoctoral education included the Forensic Psychiatry Training Program  at the University of Florida and Neuropsychological Assessment Training at the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Gainesville, Florida with both Neurology, Neuropsychology, and Psychiatry mentors.

Dr. Herkov has been practicing forensic psychology since 1994. He has a national reputation and a forensic expert, testifying in state and federal criminal and civil  courts in Floriday, the Southeast, and Puerto Rico. He specializes in clinical psychological and neuropsychological assessment, treatment, and forensic evaluation of a variety of adult and adolescent populations, and testifies in both civil and criminal cases. He currently serves as a consultant to the Florida Professional Resource Network and the Floriday Board of Bar Examiners.

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