Conversation in Ethics for Psychologist-Managers

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CE Credit: 4

Length: 3 hours

Exam Items: N/A

This video project is comprised of four conversations with psychologists who are expert psychologist-managers (Dr. Dale Thompson, Dr. Beth Mitchell, Dr. Richard Killburg, and Dr. John Martello). Dr. Richard Ponton and Dr. Marlene Thorn facilitate the discussions and focus particularly on the ethical considerations of psychologists who are in leadership positions.     

Research conducted by Dr. Ponton with psychologist-managers in 2008 found that 43% of respondents reported being in the profession between 0 and 5 years before becoming managers and 75% of respondents were in a management position within 10 years of entering the profession.  By choice or by chance, psychologists take on positions of leadership in organizations and thus extend their ethical responsibilities beyond themselves to the organizations they serve. 

As you will hear, our guests have served in a wide range of management positions in industries in education, government, health care, non-profit organizations, and industry.  As members of the Society of Psychologists in Management, they have agreed to share their perspectives regarding ethics and management.

Learning Objective 1
Describe the relationship of the five virtues outlined in the virtuous leader model to personal and organizational ethical decision making.

Learning Objective 2
Participants will understand the relative contributions of capacity, commitment, and character to effective leadership and the development of ethical organizations.

Learning Objective 3
Articulate at least two areas of ethical tension that arise for psychologists in managing in health care settings.

Learning Objective 4
Participants will identify three areas of ethical concern that are of concern to higher education.

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