Graduate Study in Psychology: Successful Strategies for Preparation and Application

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Length: 3 hours

Are you considering graduate study in psychology?  If so, then you will be joining the ranks of thousands of other bright, talented and dedicated peers who will be competing for admissions into the top graduate programs in the field.  Learn about what you can to maximize your chance of gaining admission into the graduate program of your choice.  This fast-paced workshop covers:

  1. Exploring Your Options a. Master’s vs. Doctoral Programs: What’s Hot (and What’s Not) b. Sorting through the Alphabet Soup:  Ph.D., Psy.D., Ed.D, M.A., M.S, MSW, LCSW (and more)
  2. Preparing for Graduate Study a. Inside the Classroom b. Outside the Classroom
  3. Applying to Graduate Schools a. Objective Components of the Graduate Application (Transcript, GPA, GRE, Vita) b. Subjective Components of the Graduate Application (Personal Statement, Letters of Recommendation)

Presented by: Greg Neimeyer, PhD

About the Presenter.  Dr. Neimeyer is Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychology at the University of Florida, and Director of Continuing Education and Professional Development at the American Psychological Association.  Dr. Neimeyer is a Fellow of the APA and recipient of its Award for Outstanding Research in Career and Personality Psychology. He is a six-time recipient of undergraduate and graduate teaching awards and has been inducted as a Fellow into the Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars

This workshop is sponsored by the APA  Office of Continuing Education in Psychology, in partnership with the Psi Chi Central Office and the APA Office of Pre-Collegiate and Undergraduate Education.

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