The Basics of Cardiology: A Whirlwind Tour of Cardiology for the Psychologist

CE Credit: 2

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Length: 2 hours

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This program is part of the series Heart and Mind: Contemporary Issues in Cardiac Psychology.

A thorough understanding of basic cardiology is essential for a psychologist to develop a clinical practice or research in cardiac psychology.  In this module, Jeffrey Fisher, MD, a board certified cardiologist, discusses the current understanding of the anatomy and pathophysiology of coronary artery disease, the leading cause of death and disability for men and women in Western Society.  He also discusses arrhythmias, heart failure, and psychocardiac disorders such as "soldier's heart" and Tako-Tsubo (broken heart) syndrome.  David Krantz, PhD, a psychologist and leading researcher, shares his wisdom for the practical application of psychological principles to cardiology.

Learning Objective 1
Develop a thorough understanding of basic cardiology.

Learning Objective 2
Integrate aspects of psychology and cardiology into research and practice.

Presenters:  Robert Allan, PhD; Jeffrey Fisher, MD; and David Krantz, PhD

Supplementary Materials

  • Krantz Handout
  • Fisher Handout

1 User Review

"Lots of good information but the video was amateurish an intensely frustrating, eg. the speaker would talk about information on a screen that was not shown, video quality very poor, screen unreadable. Speakers were very knowledgeable but dull and droning. Poor presentation technically. Still, I learned quite a bit."
— Wayne P.