Outcome-Oriented Clinical Training---Pilot Research and Stories From the Field

CE Credit: 1

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Length: 50 minutes

Session offered by Division 2.

As part of the APA’s CoA Implementing, students must receive “supervised experience in collecting quantitative outcome data on the psychological services they provide.” However, much groundwork needs to occur before this regulation can be systematically integrated. Three efforts towards changing this trend will be presented. Firstly, a pilot study was conducted to gather baseline data on students’ awareness about outcome research, implementation, and ability to utilize data from outcome measures. Findings and implications for the implementation of APA’s regulation will be discussed. Secondly, outcome measurement often presents new challenges for faculty, field supervisors, students, and clients. Therefore, to begin this change process, faculty and field supervisors met for a one-day workshop covering the broader political and institutional context underlying clinical psychology’s increasing use of outcome measurement; research support for its usefulness in improving psychotherapy outcomes; the variety of tools and methods available to fit specific client characteristics; and common concerns and objections to implementation. An implementation plan was written and refined with input from relevant stakeholders, piloted during spring 2011, and evaluated for broader application across field sites for later in 2011. Thirdly, faculty, students, and supervisors can benefit from knowing that while the improvement of psychotherapy outcomes in the service of the client undergirds the use of these measures, they also have the potential of serving as remediation and training tools. Therefore, the use of outcome data as templates for clinical training departments and extern/ internship sites in the continuing improvement, and development of training models correlated with APA defined student competencies will be discussed. Utilizing outcome data for this purpose will be presented through illustrations of incorporating outcome data into program planning, effectively addressing student deficiencies and subsequent remediation plans, and supervisor education and training.

Learning Objective 1
Describe how clinical psychology programs are increasing the implementation of psychotherapy outcome measurement.

Learning Objective 2
Discuss the perspectives and roles of doctoral faculty, field supervisors, and students in designing an implementation plan for outcome measurement.

Presenters: Yeshashwork Kibour, PhD; David Sacks, PsyD; Barbara Francis, PsyD

Supplementary Materials

  • Kibour, Sacks, Francis Outcome Oriented Clinica Training
  • References Handout
  • References Handout