Practical Applications of Cardiac Psychology

CE Credit: 1.5

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1 hour 45 minutes

Despite an abundant database supporting the field, there are still few actively practicing cardiac psychologists.  In this module, some of the most experienced practitioners join with Paul Kligfield, MD, a cardiologist and medical director of the cardiac rehabilitation program at Weill Cornell Medical College/New York Presbyterian Hospital, to discuss cardiac psychology for both research and practice in the rapidly evolving, high tech world of cardiology.

Learning Objective 1
Comprehend some of the complexities of evaluating outcome in practice and clinical trials.

Learning Objective 2
Describe new, innovative cardiac psychology programs at several hospitals. 

Presenters: Robert Allan, PhD; Ellen Dornelas, PhD; Kristina McGuire, PsyD; Matthew Burg, PhD; and Paul Kligfield, MD


1 User Review

"Much of the 1.5 hours was devoted to introducing the presenters and their educational/clinical backgrounds. Quality of some of the speakers was poor. Learned very little during this CE."
— Anonymous