Prescribing Psychologists Working in the Federal Government

CE Credit: 2

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Length: 110 minutes

Session offered by Division 55. Licensed psychologists employed in the Federal Government are prescribing right now outside of New Mexico and Louisiana. Many Federal Agencies recognize Prescribing Psychologists' authority to prescribe psychoactive medications within Federal Medical Treatment Facilities regardless of the location of the services rendered. Agencies such as the Department of Defense, Bureau of Prisons, Health and Human Services, Indian Health Services, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the Department of Veterans Affairs are potential places that Prescribing Psychologists to practice. This panel will provide perspectives from clinicians and administrators currently employed in the Federal Government. Attendees will also learn why employment in the Federal Government provides those interested in RxP the best opportunities for practice and advocacy.

Learning Objective 1
Describe the most current developments in the Federal Government regarding Prescriptive Authority for Psychologists.

Learning Objective 2
Identify strategies and resources available to psychologist wishing to promote Prescriptive Authority for Psychologists within the Federal Government.

Presenters: Michael R. Tilus, PsyD, MP (Chair); David S. Shearer, PhD, MS; Kevin M. McGuinness, PhD, MP; Earl Sutherland, PhD, MS; Samuel S. Dutton, PhD, MS; Robert Younger, PhD, MP; Kathleen McNamara, PhD

Supplementary Materials

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