Presidential Program--- Integrated Care for Women and Children in FQHCs

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CE Credit: 2

Length: 110 minutes

Session part of the Presidential Theme: Interprofessional Practice. Federally Qualified Health Centers play a vital role in primary care for children and adults across the life span in urban and rural settings. This symposium will focus on integrated care for women and children from ethnically diverse communities at several FQHC’s across the US. The session will be chaired by Diana L. Prescott, Ph.D., from rural Maine. William J. Kuzbyt, Psy.D., J.D., Collier Health Services, Immokalee, FL will present an overview of effective models of integrated behavioral health care at Federally Qualified Health Centers. Mary Clare Champion, Ph.D., will address behavioral health needs in both rural and urban FQHC Obstetric Settings within the Cherokee Health Systems. Parinda Khatri, Ph.D. will review strategies used by the Cherokee Health Systems for integrating psychological services to address obesity. Javier I. Rosado, Ph.D., Collier Health Services will present on strengths, barriers, and solutions for interprofessional work in pediatrics in rural Florida. All panelists will join the audience for active discussion.

Learning Objective 1
List effective models for integrated care at FQHC’s in rural and urban settings.

Learning Objective 2
Describe interprofessional models to improve care of women in obstetrical settings in FQHC’s.

Learning Objective 3
Implement strategies for interprofessional approaches to obese child and adults in FQHC’s.

William J Kuzbyt, PsyD, JD; Diana L. Prescott, PhD; Mary Clare Champion, PhD; Parinda Khatri, PhD; Javier I. Rosado, PhD

Supplementary Materials

  • Kuzbyt - APA Presentation 2012
  • Champion - FQHC Obsterics APA 2012
  • Rosado - APA 2012 Presentation